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Fighting against Counterfeit Product, Protecting for NTN’s Intellectual Property

NTN, as a world renowned bearing manufacturer, places great importance on worldwide brand protection and counterfeit product combat. The quality of counterfeit bearings are far below that of the genuine ones for the negligence of the raw material, product accuracy and application requirements, as well as the failure in management on handling and transportation process, and the consequence arising thereof may range from equipment fault or damage to human health and safety hazard.

The trademark “NTN” has been registered in most countries in the world, meanwhile NTN has been carrying out a series of combat operations against intellectual property infringement as well as manufacture and sale of counterfeit products all over the world. For the benefit of NTN’s distributors and users, the trademark “NTN” has filed in PRC Customs Protection System of Intellectual Property Rights and NTN has actively cooperated with the law enforcement agencies and the customs all over China to severely blow the manufacture, sale, importation and exportation of counterfeit products.

Based on the platform “World Bearing Association”, NTN actively engages in the combat operations against counterfeit products initiated by the World Bearing Association together with other bearing manufacturers. For more anti-counterfeiting information, please refer to World Bearing Association website

Enhancing the Anti-Counterfeiting Awareness, Actively Informing of Counterfeit Acts

The best channel to purchase genuine NTN products is NTN authorized distributors. For the information of NTN authorized distributors, please refer to NTN Chinese official website

If you’ve purchased counterfeit NTN products or have any clue related to the counterfeit products, or you are unable to distinguish whether the products you purchased are genuine, please contact us through following ways:

Tel.: 021-57745500-335

Fax: 021-5778-2898


Address: 2F, Building 6, No. 1666, Nanle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

We will do our best effort to help you and keep your personal information confidential.