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·Promoting Legal and Compliance System
NTN defines compliance as not only abiding by laws and regulations, but also as having a system for thorough compliance with social norms and rules.
Sales Department
·Get more customer's trust by the sales idea of customer-oriented
Supply using information of "starts from the present" to customers through daily careful marketing activities and expositions and other activities, and simultaneously provide proposal of new technology and product for the customers.
·Satisfy the needs of global customers
Make full use of the global marketing networks, further strengthen mutual information collection and exchange, satisfy the demands of globalized customers rapidly and carry out enterprise itself 's interior work smoothly.
·Satisfy the customer's requirements promptly and accurately.
Contact with customers from automobile, office equipment, digital appliances, information communications equipment, machines, aerospace, railway and all other related industries constantly, meet their needs and solve their questions promptly and accurately.
Production Department
·With the development of overseas production, international and without borderless, promoting the production system to further strength and group..
According to characteristic of one's own operating position, each staff does not satisfy the present situation, improves the capability of "product manufacturing" from the fundamental in production field. At the same time, it should further strengthen the proprietary techniques and experience of NTN, realize the high added value depending on excellent technology and good production benefit, establish the competitive power of "NTN create" which can lead the world.
·Strengthen competitive power in the manufacturing industry through "production revolution"..
NTN's goal is to deliver the required components to the required place according to customers' need with a quicker speed. At the same time, we should keep a stable supply level by high-quality products, continue to be strict with ourselves.
·Obtained high approval by the production technology and the managerial capacity of high-quality product from global.
NTN has obtained the authentication in quality control from the international quality standard ISO9001 and the automobile enterprise system standard ISO/TS16949. With such a strict management system, NTN's high-quality products received high praise and trust.