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Fight against Fake Website

On February 26, 2018, a judgement was rendered by Shanghai Intellectual Property Court that the fake website owned and maintained by Shanghai Boman Company, Shanghai Sijiangli Company, and Zhang Xiangyang constitutes an unfair competition with NTN (China) Investment Corporation (“NCIC”). The defendants were ordered to compensate RMB 260,000 to NCIC, and make a declaration in Xinmin Evening News to eliminate the related influences..

Fight against Counterfeit Sales Company

On September 26, 2016, a judgement was rendered by KunShan People's Court that the passing off its bearings by 昆山思艾恩轴承有限公司 as those of NTN constitutes infringement of NTN’s registered trademarks. 昆山思艾恩轴承有限公司 was ordered to stop its infringing activities and to compensate NTN (China) Investment Corporation (“NCIC”), who filed the case, for economic damages and reasonable costs of tens of thousands yuan.