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The 12th China International Bearing Industry Exibition(Bearing2010)

Period :9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., September 21 (Tue.) to September 24 (Fri.), 2010

Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai City, People's Republic of China

NTN booth:BB11

CIBIE official website :

Under the theme,‘Compact & Ecofriendly’, NTN will exhibit the products made by its latest technology for the automotive and industrial machinery industries, including a hub bearing with built-in multi axis load sensor and a cardiovascular pump for the artificial heart. At the same time, NTN will publicize its technological capability and support system for Chinese customers through the exhibition of local products made by NTN's plants in China and related machines, such as a parts feeder and a grinding sludge compacting machine.


Intelligent in-wheel motor, shown by video

Self-aligning roller bearing for a wind turbine rotor main shaft

Hub bearing with built-in multi axis load sensor

EMU axle bearing for 350 km/h EMU railway cars

NTN products made in China including hub bearings, constant velocity joints (CVJs), ball and needle bearings, etc.

Cardiovascular pump for an artificial heart;

Parts feeder, demonstrated, and

Grinding sludge compacting machine, shown by video and samples

Major exhibits

Self-aligning roller bearing for a wind turbine rotor main shaft

With its high reliability, proved by abundant application examples, the product is ready to answer many different requirements


Low torque, low heat NTN B-type

Max. outside diameter of the bearing commercially made so far: 2,180 mm

350 km/h EMU axle bearing

Used in the world's fastest railway cars operating at 350 km/h


Resin holder has an increased strength and extends the bearing's lubrication life

Spacer with rubber lip reduces fret, and

Soft-contact seal keeps heat low