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Learning from the Winning “Global QC Circle Convention” Team

Members from QC Circles around the world presented case studies of their own activities at the 3rd Global QC Circle Convention held in Kuwana in July, with two teams awarded gold: the “Cooperation” teamfrom Guangzhou NTN; and “Beverly Hills 48” team from NTN Kamiina. The achievements of their activitiesare outlined here based on their presentations.

“Cooperation” team, Guangzhou NTN  

Guangzhou NTN produces CVJs and supplies them to Japanese, Western and local manufactures in China.The “Cooperation” circle covers the turning process of outer rings, and developed activities to improveproduction capacity by 10% on the TJ turning line so as to meet increasing demand from the Chineseautomotive market.

From left, Mr. Liang Zhjiang,Ms. Jing
Tiena, Mr. Tian Jun

Their activities first involved surveying the cycle time of the turning process, finding processes that caused bottlenecks during production, and identifying numerous issues following examination of causes. The team’s activities made numerous improvements,including making special tools for checking theaaa chip height quickly when replacing chips during the burr removal process, andreviewing discharge programs in order to prevent blockages of.

As a result, the cycle time of bottlenecking processes was reduced and production capacity improved from 1,150 pieces/day/line to 1,269 pieces/day/line.

Changing from calipers to a special tool to measur
e chip height (excerpt from presentation materials)


Beverly Hills 48” team, NTN Kamiina

NTN Kamiina produces bearing rollers, and the “Beverly Hills 48” team covers the turning process of needle rollers. With a greater number of models and larger setups planned for the near future, the team focused on activities to shorten setup time over concerns of a fall in productivity

By focusing on the width grinding process that is affected the most, the team first examined how long each process is taking for setup time to identify the major causes behind them. Measures taken to make improvements included managing parts to be assembled as set units in their assembled form, and manufacturing a special dolly to hold the required tools and jigs

Mr. Youichi Ando (left) and Mr. Takayoshi Yamazaki (right)

As a result, the setup time was reduced drastically from the original 113 minutes to less than 10 minutes.