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Zhang Lei, deputy director of Songjiang District Economic Committee, pays a visit to the NTN China Technical Center

On the morning of May 15, 2014, Zhang Lei, deputy director of Songjiang District Economic Committee and the other 3 colleagues arrived at the NTN China Technical Center and were warmly welcomed by President Shi and Bo Mo, deputy general manager of NTN (China) Investment Corporation. They a frank exchange of views.

At the NTN China Technical Center, Zhang Lei was told of the R&D personnel allocation, organizational structure, objective, equipment investment and latest development of industry-study-research cooperation (ISR) as well as some newly-developed products. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang Lei visited the new product R&D area.

The deputy director thought highly of the NTN China Technical Center, saying that the R&D environment and capability of the technical center had stayed ahead of peer industry in Songjiang District and even in Shanghai.

Songjiang District Economic Committee looks to support NTNís establishment of its head office and technical center in Songjiang and will provide a series of favorable policies and relevant assistance. In addition, the economic committee encourages NTN (China) Investment Corporation actively locate outstanding suppliers and clients in Songjiang and make contributions to local economic development.