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NTN Participation in China CNC Machine Tool Fair "CCMT 2016"

Date: April 11, 2016 (Monday) ~ April 15, 2016 (Friday)

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Shanghai China

Booth No.: N3-411

Official website:

NTN Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as NTN) will participate in China CNC Machine Tool Fair “CCMT 2016”.

Our topic in this fair is “Hi-Tech’s contribution to sustainable development”. We will exhibit many products such as technical computing system and maintenance tool of machine tool spindle bearing represented by ULTAGE series bearing. Moreover, on site we will demonstrate high-speed positioning and transportation of heavy workpiece on linear guideway which meets requirements of heavy load, high speed and long stroke. Please wait and see.

1) ULTAGE is coined blending “Ultimate” and “Stage”. It is the general name of NTN’s new generation of bearing series and reflects NTN’s attitude to pursue higher quality.

We look forward to your visit.

Main exhibits

ULTAGE series precision bearing used by machine tool

The environment-friendly precision bearing meets machine tool’s requirements of efficient machining, high reliability and high-quality machining. The excellent performance is achieved through optimization of bearing internal design, application of special material, surface modification, special lubricating grease and double-faced seal ring.


Bearing unit used by ball-screw supporting

It is used to support ball-screw. Besides its high load-bearing capacity, seal ring with newly developed compatible low torque and superior dustproof property is also applied. In addition, lubricating grease with long lifetime is sealed in the bearing in initial stage so that no more grease is needed halfway.


Bearing with air-cooled washer used by machine tool spindle

“Air-cooled washer” developed by NTN air cooling technology is applied on the bearing used by machine tool spindle.

It can reduce temperature difference between inner and outer rings during high-speed rotation. Compared with NTN’s traditional product (super-speed angular contact ball bearing), the high-speed rotating performance is increased by 20%. Under applied working condition with oil-air lubrication and position preload, dmN value reaches 2.1 million; and thus high-speed rotation is achieved.


Technical computing system of machine tool spindle bearing

The automatic computing system is targeted at precision rolling bearing used by machine tool spindle and the client can compute spindle rigidness and bearing lifetime in short time. The computing corresponds to spindle to which 10 different kinds of bearings are allocated. The dedicated server is ready for use at any time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Maintenance tool

On the site of mechanical maintenance and repair, the client can conduct the press-in and drawing of bearing by himself.

Induction heating device

Installation of maintenance tool

Linear guideway

Linear motion unit with high-performance guiding device is provided for small- and large-sized aluminum profile dedicated to lightweight design. Appropriate type, size, stroke and driving mode can be selected in accordance with usage of guideway work loader and locating mechanism of processing machine or assembling machine. Multiaxial structure such as X/Y/Z can also be realized by combing several units.