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NTN Exhibits at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition “Auto China 2016”

Date: April 25 (Mon) to May 4 (Wed), 2016

Venue: China International Exhibition Center Beijing, China

Booth No.: W3-W02

Official website:

NTN will run a booth at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition “Auto China 2016” with the theme “NTN's new environmentally friendly technology.” The booth will feature the Rear-wheel Independent Steering System and the Auto Tensioner with the Variable Damper Mechanism for ISG-Equipped Engine that are being exhibited for the first time in China, as well as products that contribute to electrification, lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency. A “hands-on bearing assembly area” has been set up to help guests understand the structure and functionality of ball bearings by allowing them to touch and try to assemble the bearings directly.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Main exhibits

Rear-wheel Independent Steering System

A steer-by-wire steering system that converts the steering amount of the steering wheel to an electrical signal to drive the wheel-turning actuator according to the amount, and changes the direction of the tires, and that has been applied for use to turn the rear wheels. In addition to a one body combined-type layout, the system is also capable of toe angle control which contributes to better driving performance.


Auto Tensioner with the Variable Damper Mechanism for ISG-Equipped Engine

Making the tensioner available for ISG engines where the alternator is also used as the starter helps to adjust the belt tension automatically, from tighter when starting the engine to looser when the engine is operating. This improves reliability when starting, and reduces fuel consumption when driving. The tensioner also contributes to better engine efficiency of vehicles equipped with idling stop systems.


Ball Screw Drive Module for Electric Hydraulic Brake

A compact drive module product developed through combinations of support bearings and sintered materials for a high load capacity ball screws. It converts the motor's rotational motion accurately to linear motion for more accurate control of hydraulic brake force to regenerate a greater amount of driving energy and extend the driving range.


Press Connect Spline Hub Joint

A hub joint without a gap between the spline mating areas that reduces weight drastically through the use of a proprietary press connect method. It features a structure where the CVJ and 3rd generation hub bearings are fastened with a bolt, allowing the same assembly process used on existing automobile production lines.


Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type CVJ “CFJ”

A CVJ that uses a proprietary spherical cross groove structure to drastically reduce internal frictional forces. It decreases torque loss over a wide range of operating angles to greatly improve fuel efficiency in cars such as SUVs. A reduction in temperature increases at high rotational speeds also allows it to be used for propeller shafts.


Super Low Friction Hub Bearing

Minute dimples are implemented in the seal lip sliding surface and a low-friction grease specially developed for the lip has been applied. Rotational friction of the bearing is reduced and fuel efficiency is improved by reducing the wear resistance of seal contact areas.

High-load Resin Pulley

A resin pulley that can directly replace steel pulleys for a lighter weight. The use of high-rigidity plastic, NTN’s optimized groove to prevent sliding (creep) of the outer ring outer diameter surface, and improved the loose seal fitting achieve more than double the load resistance compared to conventional resin pulleys.