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"Development of Third-generation Hub Bearings of Energy-saving Cars"
Passes Project Acceptance

NTN (China) Investment Co., Ltd applied for the Absorption and Innovation Project of Shanghai Introducing Technology with NTN's "Development of Third-generation Hub Bearings of Energy-saving Cars" which has successfully passed the project acceptance of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission.

Compared with the previous third-generation hub bearings, the bearing friction torque of the newly developed ones has been reduced by 15% by adopting the newly developed low friction torque ring and optimizing the internal parameters of bearings. Moreover, through the use of special-shaped hub ring flange and outer ring flange, the weight of hub bearing has been cut down by more than 10%, reducing material consumption.

NTN (China) Investment Co., Ltd has completed the test of product samples and has begun to carry out mass production.

The completion of this project acceptance marks that design, manufacturing and application level of NTN's third-generation hub bearing have reached a new step.

NTN has made contribution to the protection of China's climate and the earth's resources protection by manufacturing and selling the third-generation energy-saving hub bearings in China.