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Alibaba and NTN reach a cooperation intention on intellectual property protection

On October 30, 2018, NTN (China) Investment Corporation reached a cooperation intention with Alibaba, a well-known global e-commerce brand, to strengthen intellectual property protection in e-commerce trade.

Recently, NTN (China) Investment Corporation received a visit from the representative of Alibaba. Through friendly and sincere meeting and communication, the representatives of both parties recognized the hidden dangers and adverse effects of counterfeit bearing products on public safety and personal safety, and highly confirmed the necessity and urgency to cooperate in intellectual property protection

In view that the trading of counterfeit bearing products on e-commerce platforms is featured by intricacy and concealment, targeted intellectual property management is a key link. Based on the principle of justice and mutual benefit, the two parties reached a cooperation intention that the parties will focus on and quickly deal with NTN counterfeit bearings on the Alibaba platform.

With the common will of both parties, the two parties will fully operate their respective practical experience and technology in intellectual property protection and actively cooperate to more effectively crack down all kinds of counterfeit and infringing acts. It is believed that this cooperation has established a good start for the in-depth cooperation mechanism for the mutual pursuit of resource sharing in the future, and at the same time it conforms to the national guidelines for the protection of intellectual property rights.