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Look for Formal NTN Product Channels, Beware of Imitations

In 2018, NTN launched a crackdown on fake websites and won a lawsuit at the People's Court of Shanghai Xuhui District. Jinan Kaidun Machinery Co., Ltd. rush-registered and operated the domain name, which constitutes trademark infringement and unfair competition against NTN, and compensated NTN for economic loss of about RMB 250,000 and published a statement to eliminate the adverse impact.

NTN will continue to strictly crack down on rush-registration of domain names, fake websites and other acts of infringing upon NTN?s trademark rights and unfair competitions, and will not tolerate any infringers who intend to promote or sell their products or counterfeit goods in the name of formal NTN agent.

Meanwhile, NTN will continue to provide customers with safe and secure NTN formal products. Customers are expected to look for NTN's formal product purchasing channels and be wary of suppliers who cannot provide legitimate sources of products.

This official website publishes the information about formal NTN agents and updates it in time, please refer to it. If there is any question, you can make relevant complaints and inquiries by the methods provided in the ?Brand Protection? section on the right side of the top page.