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Please read all articles of this statement carefully before using this website. Once you join or use it, indicate that you have accepted this statement unconditionally, you should observe the regulations of this statement and relevant laws. The copyright of this website belongs to NTN (China) Investment Corporation, and all of its protection including but not limited to the text, graphic images, LOGO sign, creative, and software of this website.


The information included in the website is only for the purpose of reference. It can't instead of the information that you get from the NTN (China) Investment Corporation Directly. And also it can't provide a reference price for the reason that it does not have a legal engagement.

Personal Information Security

The personal information provided by customers will only be used by NTN (China) Investment Corporation. The company will do the best to guarantee the primitive authenticity of personal information. The NTN (China) Investment Corporation should provide you important news once using personal information, meanwhile, the information will not be shared with third party without your permission, but some which should be offered according to the law or the government, NTN (China) Investment Corporation will be irresponsible.

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Not Claim or Guarantee the Accuracy

Although the NTN (China) Investment Corporation makes effort to ensure all informations on this website are correct and timely, can't guarantee that it is completely accurate and latest. The company does not make any promise to the accuracy, integrality and authenticity of the information, and does not take any responsible for the delay, errors and omission. This website and all information and materials it includes are provided as original, and do not contain any other statement or implication.

Limited Responsibility

NTN (China) Investment Corporation's a clear statement: Do not assume the direct, indirect, incidental, successive or special lose resulted from accessing to or using this website, including the lose resulted from impacting of virus on your computer or relying on the information which comes from this website.

Update of the Statement

NTN (China) Investment Corporation can operate this statement at any time according to the needs of business. Please read these terms and current statement carefully before accessing and navigating the NTN website.

Power of Interpretation

The power of interpretation belongs to NTN (China) Investment Corporation.