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Jet Engine Bearings
Jet Engine Bearings Jet Engine Bearings
Engine bearings are divided broadly into two categories of use for main shafts and for reduction gears (auxiliary drive system).
Sophisticated technology is required to design and manufacture main shaft bearings which are used in high speed and high temperature conditions.
Helicopter Bearings
Helicopter Bearings Functioning with many rotary parts, helicopters require various specially designed bearings.
Auxiliary Bearings
Auxiliary Bearings NTN manufactures and supplies a great variety of bearings for use in Generators, Motors, Starters, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Cabin Super Chargers, Air Cycle Machines, Auxiliary Power Devices and other components of aerospace applications.
Propeller Shank Bearings
Propeller Shank Bearings Specially designed Thrust Roller Bearings are used on blade shanks of variable-pitch propellers.
NTN is one of the few manufacturers capable of producing these Thrust Roller Bearings.